Uluwatu Tour

Uluwatu Tour

Uluwatu Tour-Uluwatu Temple-Temple in Bali. Uluwatu Temple is a Temple located in the area of Pecatu Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency-Bali

The temple which is located on the southwestern of Bali on a high rock platform and juts into the sea. This temple is a Sad Kayangan Temple which is believed by Hindus to be a buffer for 9 winds. This temple was originally used as a place of worship for an 11th-century holy priest named Empu Kuturan. Uluwatu Temple is located at an altitude of 97 meters above the sea level.

Uluwatu Temple is also famous because right below is Pecatu beach which is often used as a place for surfing, even international events are often held here. This famous beach wave is very suitable to be used as a surfing spot besides the natural beauty of Bali which is very beautiful.

There are some beautiful places will be visited during Uluwatu tour, such as: Uluwatu Temple, Pandawa Beach, Water Sport Adventure, Kecak and Fire Dance, Jimbaran Bay dinner, Coffee Plantation.

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Uluwatu Tour

The places will be visited during the Tour:



Bali Water sport is one of favorite destination in Bali. This place is offer the best experience of Marine adventures are designed to everyone who would like to explore the marine activities in Bali, such as: Parasailing, Snorkeling, Jet Ski, Banana boat, Flying fish, Donut boat, Water Ski, Glass Bottom boat, Ocean walker, and Turtle islands.

Bali Water Sport tours are supported by high quality safety equipment and insurance are available.  .


Pandawa beach is one of great destination of Bali beautiful beaches. It is offer the clean white sand, calm sea water so safe to swim.

It is located on Bali’s southern Bukit Peninsula.


Uluwatu temple is a Balinese Hindu sea temple located in Uluwatu, south Kuta, Badung. There is a history that Dang Hyang Nirartha is credited for constructing the Padmasana and it is said that he attained moksa here.

The temple is inhabited by monkeys, who are notorious for snatching visitor’s belongings.


Kecak dance is one of famous Balinese dance that performed at Uluwatu Area. Through the paths of the temple and past the cliff tops with their views across the ocean, everyone walks, until we finally get to the stage. ‘Kecak dance’ that is the unique title for the sounds of the chant. It was actually created by German man in the 1930s and based on the famous epic Hindu story of the Ramayana. They are sitting on the ground in a circle with the drama shown in the middle, with the very simple sounds of cak -e, cak-e, cak, cak, cak-e in a good rhythm.


Jimbaran Bay is a group of restaurant of more than 30 restaurants. That is located along of Jimbaran Coast. Jimbaran Bay dinner is offer Local Balinese food taste, Italian restaurants, Japanese restaurants, French restaurants, Indian restaurants, etc. All in one stop location while enjoy the beautiful sunset dinner with ocean views on the clean white sand.


  There are many coffee plantations around Bali island, you can walk around the plantations of Arabica coffee and Torabica Coffee. There is one unique coffee product that we call LUWAK coffee, Luwak coffee is the most famous and expensive coffee in the world. It is cause of uncommon method of producing this coffee. It has been produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by an animal called palm civet/civet cat or Luwak. The feces of this cat will be collected, it get a coffee processing then sold as Luwak coffee with high value and unique taste.

Duration 10 Hours
Include Mineral Water, Car & Professional Driver
Price IDR 550.000/car (max 5 person)

Note: - Additional fee 10% per extra hour - Exclude : parking fee, entrance ticket, meal, your shopping and personal expenses

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