Batur Natural Hot Spring

Batur Natural Hot Spring

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Toya Bungkah is the name of one of natural hot spring in Kintamani. The Toya Bungkah hot spring is located in Batur village, Songan, Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. The hot water in Batur Natural Hot Spring has a temperature of 50 degrees Celcius, of course it is very hot when bathing at this temperature, but you no need to worry, because the temperature of 50 degrees is in hot spring, while the temperature in the pool has been flowed it ranges from 37 to 40 degrees Celcius. The decrease in temperature is due to the hot spring located in a mountainous area where the temperature of the mountains is cool like in room that has Air Conditioner. Even though you go to Batur during the day you will not feel hot.

Batur natural hot spring is located on the shores of lake Batur, even you can go straight down to the lake, even though the lake water is slightly murky than the hot water in the pool.

The facilities available at Batur Natural Hot Spring are the restaurants for dinning, pool bars, space for changing clothes, and several Gazebos located around bathing areas and you can use to relax or enjoy the food you ordered at the restaurant.

This Hot Spring is located in the Mount Batur area, so you can also go to the Mount Batur, both at the foot of Mount Batur and enjoy a vast expanse of coral caldera with its grass or you can climb Mount Batur and enjoy the view from above with 360 degree vision.




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Natural Hot Spring

You can take this program together with Mount Batur Sunrise trekk

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Price $15/person ( with minimum 2 persons )

Note: you can only combine this program with Batur sunrise trekk

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